Sunday, January 10, 2021

Duke Cannon Beard Balm Review
For several years now, I’ve been using beard products.  Balms, washes, oils, conditioners and the such.  After purchasing products from corporate and small businesses, I prefer items manufactured by the latter.

The product easily emulsifies easily in my hands.  It can be effortlessly worked into my beard which gives it a healthy look and shine.  It’s a light to medium hold and a little goes a long way.  Your beard may need to be tamed again later in the day though.  I do wish it is was a heavier balm.  The scent is good.  Not overpowering and lingers for a long time.  I’d say a good 8 -12 hour scent.  One that would be good for the office and not overpower the noses of your coworkers.  

You do need to emulsify/rub the balm in your hands to be pliable for your beard or goatee.  Make sure to work it in thoroughly. A proper boar hair brush may be needed for proper proliferation of the balm into your beard.

I’m not quite sure yet if I will purchase this product again.  It is possible.  As my beard grows longer and thicker and requires a lighter balm at times, I may try the Big Bourbon balm.

Hope this helps you with your purchase and grooming.

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