Thursday, March 31, 2022

Wading with my Epic 476 fly rod.

Waded an urban creek Sunday before last.  

Nice to finally get out this year. It’s my first time on the water for any species this year. Fished a creek that’s had stream bank restoration. One of the photos shows root balls that are added for such purposes as a physical barrier and habitat. 

Due to those efforts, habitat and better stream bank environs has contributed to better fishing. However, due to more businesses and homes being built in the furthest reaches of this section of headwaters that I fish, litter has increased due to runoff issues and flooding - mainly due to loss of farmland and Ozark prairies and bad city drainage and planning of large parking lots.

But I try to enjoy it as it was about 17 years ago when I began fishing this creek. Before runoff issues didn’t require this stream to have riparian restoration.  

‘Twas a good day out. 77° and sunny. Lots of conversation and looky-loos from the bike path. Smells from restaurant lunches filled the air. I fished up about as far as one could for it to be productive. Several bass and panfish came to hand. I do enjoy my Epic 476. One that I built. I do miss my 4 wgt CGR though.

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