Monday, May 23, 2011

Lack of motivation, flooding and tornadoes.

Man, it has been a wet spring here in Arkansas. So much flooding. So much rain. Seems constant. Just about every weekend or just before I think about heading out, the clouds pummel us. All streams and lake are swollen.

I watched the weather radar for 5 hours last night - even stepping outside to watch the sky churn, hoping a twister wouldn't drop out. About an hour north, as most may already know, a tornado hit Joplin. My prayers go out.

More severe weather is expected this evening . . . and the next. At least I can hear the tornado sirens.

Last year, I was targeting bass. I didn't catch a lot of bass but I did pretty good. This year, I planned to target panfish. And I did just that . . . landing a bunch of bream and crappie this spring. So, I am not too motivated to go out. Except to hit a stream before it get July hot. And that is IF the streams start flowing a bit slower.