Monday, June 23, 2014

Smallmouth bass photos/pics.

These photos were taken a little over a year apart.  Both of them won photo of the week at a local news station.  I got two free travel mugs.  I've taken a lt of fishing pics and a lot have been rough looking.  Part of it is (and I just recently found this out) is that when I take Instagram photos through the app, the pic doesn't look near as nice as just using the regular camera on my phone. I use Aviary to fit photos within instagram or just editing in general.

They aren't all great but I love to share photos.  This year has been a bit tougher.  Last spring and fall, we had a pretty good flush.  Unfortunately, it's changed my streams from how they've been for about the past 4 years.  Every once in awhile, the streams change a bit.  I've had to do some more exploring and hit the streams further out than usual.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

New book. Scouting new waters. Smallmouth bass fishing.

I've been scouting new water the past few days. It's been a totally different year than last.  Whereas, I was catching lots of nice bass all year, I've been catching a lot of 12 inch smallmouth bass.  And, it's okay with me because I've actually been enjoying myself.  I have talked with campers, fisherman and floaters.  I've also been catching smallmouth bass on new waters with a new glass rod.  I'd say it's been fun and successful.

I've been using my Shucker pattern, purple Crazy Dads and Lil Debils.  I'm still looking for the big ones.

Hey, I love creek and tributary fishing.  I just bought a new book.  With a 2013 publication, it's a fairly new title.

It's 99% smallmouth and spotted bass with some Guads and panfish thrown in.  I'm gonna do a review of this book soon.

Some folks are big about landing fat pigs but Most days, I'm glad to just have something tugging on the line.  My goal for each outing is to land at least one smallmouth bass.

I have been wading in portage shoes because I don't like exposed toes but rocks sure get jammed up under my feet.  Do sandals work better?  I used to wear canvas boots and shorts or tennis shoes but i. I'm interested in what y'all wear when wet wade fishing.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wading for smallmouth bass today.

Man, were the floaters out today.  One of today's highlights was running into a kayak angler who was fly fishing for the first time.  He had one it those rigid 6 wgt outfits from Walmart and a pretty good selection of streamers from Cabela's jammed into a small Solo container.  He asked for some tips and if he had a good selection of flies.  Up to that point, I had caught all 10 or so smallmouth on a chartreuse Lil' Debil.  It's a small panfish fly made from soft plastic.  So, I told him to try a chartreuse streamer.

I took out my new fiberglass Panfish on the Fly rod in the hopes of christening it with some fat panfish.  And of course, I started catching smallmouth bass.  The rod is 6'3" 3/4 wgt and provided an amazing experience fighting those smallmouth bass in the riffles.  This is the first glass fly rod that I have casted in ages.

Today was a beautiful day in which I not only spoke with floaters and fisherman but was delighted to smell hot dogs and burgers being cooked at a nearby camp.