Friday, October 5, 2012

Requesting flies.

I'm looking to stay busy at my tying desk.  Being as I'm not much of a television person, I like to keep myself busy.  In terms of warmwater flyfishing things will begin to slow down in a month or so.  If you see any flies on my blog that you want, contact me and I'll see what can be done for you.  Other than checks, I do accept Paypal . . . and cash.  I'm still selling on ebay too.  you can contact me at  Someone contacted me about tying up a bunch of my Juicy Foam Flies which are pictured above.  All those were sent off to a happy customer.

I love fly tying.  If I'm not on the stream, I'm thinking of a fly to tie up for my next trip out.  Send me a link to the page with the fly you want or describe it for me . . . or visit ebay -

I love tying up flies for bass and panfish.  I especially love topwater patterns.  Foam is so interesting to work with . . . almost like you can mold it!

I figured to catch a bunch of panfish on this jig fly.  A few bass tagged it too.  I can tie this pattern in red, black, etc.

Look through my blog, I may still be tying up some of those patterns from old posts.  It's raining today and I would love to be tying up some flies while I listen to some music.  Pretty relaxing don't you think?