Thursday, April 30, 2009

Smallmouth Bass Fly Pattern - Flea Fly

The orange flies in the photo - that is a pattern that I caught smallmouth bass on my outing Tuesday. I drifted these in the current and when the line swung around, I would strip it in. They would strike at that point - in a slower current. I used floating line. Most of the fish I caught followed my fly into the shallows or slower current. The orange fly is noted by the tyer on ebay as the Flea Fly. I figured it more of a bluegill fly.

The Clouser was a great pattern on Tuesday too. I drifted it with floating line - I initially started with nymphs - I prefer sinking tip line. The Clouser didn't sink much.

I used the white fly shown in the photo but did not get any hits.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Third White Bass outing of the year - Clousers and rooster tails.

I started out this morning with my spinning gear. I landed a bunch of good deep fryer sized panfish and some small bass on a white rooster tail. Not too many people out. I won't say where just yet because things turned out awesome. IS THAT RUDE? After ripping them for about an hour, things stopped and everyone left.

I switched to my fly rod. I tied on a white woolie bugger but only landed 4 VERY small White Bass. Although, they were so small, they might have been yellow bass - I haven't seen yellow bass and these fish were shiny and white. I saw a bunch of suckers and decided to drift some nymphs - Jeremiah Nymph Two and Scud. I only landed small sunfish. Moving on, I tied on a white Zonker but still nothing.

I tied on a brown size 8 Pistol Pete and landed 2 bass and some bluegills. Then I tied on a fly that I bought on ebay. The Flea Fly - sparkly orange chenille with a large bead head. I drifted it but would only catch fish when I stripped it in slowly or jigged it.

I then tied on a Chartreuse and White Clouser with big red eyes. I didn't use my sinking line but my 4 wgt. line and 4wgt. rod. I landed 4 bass with it. I had to strip slowly and they usually hit it when the fly stopped for a bit and then started again.

I fished about 3 1/2 hours. I will post a pic of the Flea Fly later.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hell Cat - bass fly pattern

I tied this fly pattern a few years back and lost it somewhere. I tied a few bass flies up for tomorrow. I'm gonna head out to some local water and try a few flies and check out somethings or two - won't say what it is just yet.

Landed a few goggle eyes on wooly buggers and a bass on yellow rooster tail. Not as much action as I hoped for this evening. I found something that looks very promising but seems to be fished a lot.

The Hell Cat (as pictured above) is a pattern I took from Fly Tying for Bass and Panfish by Tom Nixon. His patterns have been successful for me - especially for panfish.

I want to try more of his patterns - I am looking forward to landing more bass this year. Secretly - (not anymore) - I love landing bluegills. Those are probably my favorite fish.

Tail - red hackle fibers

Body - Olive green ruff at the tail, small yellow chenille center with olive green ruff forward.

Wing - small bunch of natural brown bucktail topped with black bucktail.

Shoulder - Jungle cock (I didn't use any)

Throat - Just a dab of orange hackle fibers.

Hook - #2, #4, #6

I'm gonna use sinking tip line with this pattern. Tomorrow, I'm gonna piddle around and get my casting straightened out and land some bluegills. I need to practice some drifting techniques and stuff before I really go out for smallmouth.

Oh yeah, forgot about another spot but I need an out of state license!!!!!!!!! Oh well, it's at least been scouted out.

Forget the white bass and the crowds. I want new waters to fish.

Second white bass outing of the year. White bead head head wooly bugger

Won't say where I went. I had chores to run this morning. I fished about 30 minutes and landed 8 white bass. Tied on a white bead head wooly bugger - white crystal flash chenille. I'll post a pic later - camera is at home.

5 wgt. intermediate sinking tip line. Water got too crowded for me. Used to be not so crowded. I want smallmouth this year more than anything. I almost chose not to go out for white bass today. I wasn't feeling it. I want to land smallies!!!

Going out for smallmouth tomorrow. Going to fish unfamiliar waters too. I still have yet to land white bass with a crawdad pattern. Truck is covered in orange mud.

White bass will always be there and fairly easy to catch. Smallmouth bass are more difficult for me. I also want some large bluegills for the fryer. Yum - Uncle Buck's fish batter.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Largemouth Bass fly pattern - Beaux

I got this fly from a fly swap back in maybe 2002. It was the First Annual Tom Nixon Fly Swap hosted by Mark Delaney. Tom Nixon penned Fly Tying and Fly Fishing for Bass and Panfish - among other accomplishments.

This is Mark's take on the fly. I think the hook is 0/1 but I am not sure right now. The first bass I ever landed with this fly was on Lake Swepco in Gentry, AR. Due to Swepco (AEP) generating water to cool the plant, the lake stays warm all year long. The best time is in January when they start spawning on that lake. Especially near the outflow from the plant.

My buddy and I went in January. We fished for only a short while. All the boats were blown off the lake about 9 pm. I landed a largemouth bass about 22 inches in lenght. They stock or still stock the lake with the Florida strain of largemouth bass and you could not take any bass - NONE.

It was a pretty good fight on an 8 wgt. I had the fly on only for about 10 minutes. We didn't catch anything else - not enough time. And my boat motor was having fits - and we got stuck on an underwater branch and had to step off into the water and onto the branch for the boat to move - scary and cold.

This fly helped to me solidify my trust in using streamers for largemouth bass. Even though I do drift nymphs for smallmouth, I started using more streamers for them too.

Largemouth Bass fly pattern - Foam Kidd

I made this fly from a 1/2 inch foam cylinder. Approximately 3/4 inch long. I used this fly to land largemouth bass on Lake Bob Kidd - WHEN I HAD A BOAT! The lake has a nasty end and an especially nasty corner. Hog wire, stubs, stumps, lily pads. I caught 3 bass in less than an hour. I had to leave because of all the crappie fisherman. I stood inthe back of my boat while I trolled - so I could see the stumps, wire and obstructions better. The water was almost lapping in. I have had this fly for about 6 years. It's getting a little worn. I have made a duplicate just in case.

I can only stand to fly fish and troll at the same time for only so long!!! When Beaver Lake flooded back in 2003 or 2004, I hit the lake and caught a few in some flooded timber on this fly.

It has a weed guard that does help ot slip over lily pads. But you still have to be cautious.

Body - White River Fly Shops cylinder foam (1/2 inch)

Eyes - Orvis stick on

Tail - rubber legs, green crystal flash, and red crystal flash

Hackle - olive green

Legs - pushed through with threader

Hook - long shank #2

Weed guard - 20 lbs. test monofilament

1) Tie on weed guard

2) Cut a slit to the middle of the foam longways. Place it over hook. The weed guard might enter the slit closer to the eye as mine did - no big deal.

3) Fill slit in foam with Zap-A-Gap

4)For legs, Poke hole or holes in foam body with bodkin and pull through with threader.

5) Tie on tail - splay feathers out - tie in flash or wahtever and tie in the feathers on the outside of either side.

6) Tie in hackle.

7) Place eyes on - whatever style you want - not necessary.

I'm not the best at giving tying instructions. Let me know if you have any questions.

Use a 5 wgt. line with this fly. Rip and pull. I usually catch them on the pause. Perfect enough for smaller bass and big enough for large ones.