Thursday, April 30, 2009

Smallmouth Bass Fly Pattern - Flea Fly

The orange flies in the photo - that is a pattern that I caught smallmouth bass on my outing Tuesday. I drifted these in the current and when the line swung around, I would strip it in. They would strike at that point - in a slower current. I used floating line. Most of the fish I caught followed my fly into the shallows or slower current. The orange fly is noted by the tyer on ebay as the Flea Fly. I figured it more of a bluegill fly.

The Clouser was a great pattern on Tuesday too. I drifted it with floating line - I initially started with nymphs - I prefer sinking tip line. The Clouser didn't sink much.

I used the white fly shown in the photo but did not get any hits.

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