Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Moonshine Revival Fly Rod - Review

In the Fall of 2017, I bought myself a Moonshine Revival.  I fiberglass rod and one that I do believe is made in Asia.  But it was a good rod.  WAS?  Yes, I sold it with a about 5 other rods and several reels as to purchase some more rods and reels because that is what I do.  And Moonshine Rod Co does make at least one model here in the US by hand but it's graphite.  I know some local guys that fish Moonshine rods too.
This rod is a medium-fast rod.  Almost a slower moderate feel but loads quicker than a vintage Cortland 619 (if you've ever owned one).  It has a vintage glass look the the blanks and loads and casts and loads well.  I was casting small to large flies - nothing articulated.  And it had a smooth feel to the rod.  A solid feel when "fish-on" but seemed to lack soul.  Like the soul my old Fenwicks.  I did expect a deeper bend with a 13' Smallmouth on in the riffles.  I did cast 5WF and 6WF line.  Such an attractive rod.  The rod seemed as if I had pulled it off the rack at a sporting goods store (instead of handcrafted).  Attractive enough to buy yet good enough to perform - as a "budget" glass rod.  I use that term loosely because fiberglass rods can be astronomically priced -and graphite too.  For $225, I expected something great and I got a "good enough" feel with great looking components.  It's described as classic glass - almost throwback rod.  Classic glass in my opinion, has a slower cast and deeper bend.  You do get an extra tip and it is nicer than those mass produced glass rods from companies like Maxcatch.  And I bought 2 of those Maxcatch rods for the boys but I'll save a review for later.  I only used this rod 2 or 3 times but I obviously didn't fall for it but we all have different tastes.
  • Good flex tip - kind of a mid-flex feel to the rod.
  • Great components
  • Looks great
  • 2 tips
  • Could possibly pass as a 5/6 rod
  • I'm not as sure if this rod is as Slow as described.
Am I trashing this rod or the company that sells it?  Nope. They are fine, hardworking folks that also make smoking pipes.  If I did fish graphite, I would definitely own the Moonshine Drifter or Midnight.

Definitely not an entry level rod.  Quality work with a great warranty.  Definitely a mid-priced rod.  Would I recommend this rod.  Yes, if it fits your budget but you could save up a bit more for something better.  Leave any questions in the Comments or email me.

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