Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fly Fishing Christmas List - fly angler gift guide.

II'm gonna share my fly fisherman's Christmas list.  A bit late but I've been a little confused and had to do some research.  There are some lists out there on the interweb but I find mine most interesting - of course.

Vedavoo Spinner Day Pack -
Straps are placed to properly displace weight.  Minimizes body contact for movement such as fishing.

Vedavoo Hip Pack Deluxe -
For gear minimalists such as myself.  Great for creek wading.

Orvis Battenkill -
Top of the line click and pawl with beautiful but rugged look which can match a number of rods.

Leland Sonoma Bass Fly Reel -
Sexy for a Bass reel.  Possibly an Abel reel but that's my opinion.  Click and pawl.

Allen Trout 2 Fly Reel -
I had an orange Trout 2.  A little heavier than I thought but an great quality and a wonderful drag.mmwant a silver model.

Allen ATS Fly Reel -
A bit less weight than the Trout 2 and costs less.

Redington Zero Fly Reel -
A lightweight reel.  Black or Sand colors.  Can't find a third extra spool for intermediate line for my Konic.  This will do as a sub for the spool.  That's my excuse to buy it.

Howler Bros. Pilgrimage No.2 SnapBack hat -
Sexy, manly, unique.  

Howler Bros. El Mono SnapBack hat -
Love El Mono.  People just wanna know what that primate face is all about.  I had a blue fitted El Mono.  Was my lucky hat.  Then it got smelly.  Need a replacement.

Cheers and Happy Holidays - Josh.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Allen Compass Fly rod and some nice fatties. Articulated flies.

I guess it's been a while since the Allen Compass was taken out of the case.  Last time I had her out, I was freezing my tail off in late winter chasing Smallies and busting my butt on something slippery.  I started this blog as a way to help folks get into fly tying.  I wanted to share simple flies and promote those I learned from Tom Nixon's book and those who were in his local club.  Seems all I ended up doing was taking a bunch of quick photos of fish.

Well, here are some more, lol.  Two different outings.  One with articulated flies and the other with Buggers.  I am very impressed with the Allen Compass 9' 8 weight rod.  It's a 4 piece and I bought it with a discount and with shipping (and case) it was around $100.  Well worth the money.  It castes very well in 15+ mph winds - some of which were blowing directly at me - and I was still able to deliver an articulated fly (Circus Peanut) to somewhere near my target.  Excellent guides, medium fast action.  Reminds me of my old GLoomis GL3.  I've used it for weighted Smallmouth Bass flies but I think it'll be ideal for deer hair bugs and pulling largemouth bass out of hiding holes.  Been a while since I had some bucketmouth action.  I had it paired with a Cabela's Prestige Premier III and Cabela's line.  If I didn't already have the TFO Clouser and a bunch of glass rods, I'd buy the 5 weight Allen Compass fly rod.  Then rod felt good and solid - not fast action stiff but a lighter Bass rod than I've casted and wonderful control on those trout.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Harvesting Fish - yummy trout on fiberglass fly rod.

Another group I follow online went Catch and Release photos only.  That's okay by me.  But when I'm seeing more web sites where they either only let you post such photos or promote C & R only.  I understand placing bans on photos of fish not held properly (which I, by ignorance am guilty of) or dry bank photos (mine are of keepers).  I am by far not a perfect angler but I feel more needs to be done about promoting proper harvesting.  

As of late, I've been reading more articles in which C & R helped some fisheries but also, has not really improved some fisheries.  I think by keeping catch and release in front of so many anglers, they become easily offended by the mere mention of keeping a fish.  

I've been reading a few "Farm to Table" magazines and noticed an uptick in "self-sustainability".  Where  is it happening?  Mainly farming.  But is not harvesting fish and game not part of self-sustainability?  Perhaps, we should be promoting fish and game within the local magazines and local papers that push such a trend within " Keeping it Local" or "buying local" or "home grown.  While I've read just a few articles about it, I'm going to do some digging around and see which angling magazines promote or publish harvesting of fish.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fiberglass fly rod - #glassisnotdead Skipping the Tailwaters

Why does he do it?  Why does my father skip out on local tailwaters to chase pond stockers?  It's fun. It's something he enjoys to do with family members who can't wade or fight the current.  And like me, he fishes for trout stockers because they are close to home.  Very close to home.  Whereas he drives 10 minutes to his locally stocked trout pond, I drive about 5 minutes to my locally stocked trout lake.  

I've heard LOTS of guys trash "stockies" as nasty fish.  I guess these guys don't know how to prepare them.  It's free food.  I could go and fish the catch-and-release area of his local tailwaters but prefer to fill the freezer with some good free fillets.  

I like a bend in the rod and sometimes.  Instead of driving an hour or so to find all the good spots taken at the local tailwaters, I can drive 5 minutes and have free range of about 3/4 of the lake.  For some reason, most of the locals don't fish but one end of the lake.

I like tailwaters but when I go fishing most everyday, it beats driving for hours.  Plus, I enjoy seeing other guys with their fly rods at the lake.  Sometimes, I get tired of guys pontificating about their gear and how and where to fish - and their way is the proper way - and they trash Stockers.  Well, before they built the dams on the White River, this was all Smallmouth Bass domain.  So, all those trout they catch aren't native are they??? 

I grew up in Briish Columbia chasing lake trout.  When I'm at the lake, it reminds me of dad and I on the water when I was a boy.  

Time to stock the freezer with nasty stockers, later.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cortland 502 fly rod - Shakespeare Omni fly reel and smallmouth bass

Including today, I've made several trips out for Smallies.  I didn't get to hit the honey hole today but I had fun.  Floaters and campers took over my favorite stretch.  I used weighted streamers as usual.  Along with the Shakespeare Omni click and pawl, the Cortland 502 fought Smallmouth bass very well. This rod doesn't provide you with the strength to man-handle the Smallies.  You've got to play them and occasionally off the clicker reel.  

I Ĺ‚ove it when smallmouth bass jump.  Large or small, it's so exciting to see them leap.

Can't wait to get out again.  Up until today, the water was up swift and high.  Things have chilled out and the Smallies aren't as active.  Water level dropped and they are back to hiding under nooks and crannies in the limestone or along the vegetation.

I've gone back to work and it's days like this - not even an awesome day - but just a gorgeous summer day that makes me feel truly blessed.