Wednesday, September 10, 2014

CGt fly rod - my review - #glassisnotdead - smallmouth bass

Last week, I bought a Cabela's CGt and took it to my favorite smallmouth bass stream.  I am really impressed with the presentation.  Casting is spot on and accurate.  I've got a GLoomis Adventure 3 with 4 weight line matched to this 4 wgt. CGt.  This will definitely make a great trout rod.  It provides a gentle presentation with nymphs.

I've heard from a number of folks that they prefer the Cabela's CGR glass rods.  The CGt does have a lot more action than a typical or traditional glass rod.  I would've liked less action myself.  The flex goes a bit too deep.  I fought this smallmouth bass (photo above) and had to play him more than I played larger bass on my 4/5 wgt EC Featherlight.  I even had to let him play out on the drag as he took off upstream in the swift deep riffles.  I honestly thought he and a few other smallmouth bass had to be played out too long.  Therefore, increasing chances of getting loose.  It was exciting and I will use the CGt again but I will be keeping an eye out for the CGR which seems to be based more on the old school glass rods.  Word is that the CGR is coming out again this fall.