Friday, March 22, 2013

How to make my Bread & Butter! Warm water fly tying.

Well, guess it's time to share my Juicy Foam Fly tying instructions.  I know - crazy name but this pattern works well.  It's been a best-seller for me and rightly so . . . because it catches those smallmouth and bluegills.  It's a durable pattern with a good presence on the water as it drifts through riffles and it can be chugged along the banks.  This pattern isn't complicated and it doesn't call for much in the way of materials. It could be a hopper but it could be much more than that too.  You can use many color combinations or add large nymph eyes too.  The indicator is optional.

  • River Road Creations Chernobyl Cutter
  • 2 mm craft foam
  • mono eyes (not necessary but if desired) - you could also draw on eyes or use stickey eyes.
  • rubber legs
  • I typically use a size 8 hook but have also used a Gamakatsu b10s #6.

You don't have to use a cutter to make these strips of foam measuring 1/2 x 1.5 inches.

Wrap plenty of thread around the hook shank.  You could dub the shank but it's up to you.  The fish don't care about the dubbing.  Tie in foam at the tip of the barb.  Size 8!!

Cut top piece of foam at the eye of the hook.

Fold the bottom piece over the top and tie in about 1mm from hook eye.

Cut legs any length you want - 2 legs need to be a bit shorter.

Tie in legs and indicator (optional).  Wrap thread around plenty of times.

Make sure you have plenty of thread around the shaft and around the legs so that when you apply glue, the body has something to cling too.  Make at least 3 half-hitches around the body between legs and over indicator.  If you are not comfortable finishing the fly off that way - wrap thread back to shaft and make some whip-finishes.

You can even add large nymph eyes or press-on (sticky) eyes.  I like to drift the Juicy Foam Flies for smallmouth and warmouth.  When fishing ponds, they are good to chug or slap on the surface of the water.  I use indicators for long drifts.

*No, this isn't a copy of any pattern.  There are those patterns out there who are similar and were created several years later.



  1. Great looking flies! The bass are going to chew them up when it warms up.

    1. Thanks. Time to load up the fly boxes!! Made one blue and one orange!