Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pencil Popper - (not mine) warm water fly tying

I follow texas_fly_fisherman_27 on Instagram.  He painted an awesome pencil popper.  I think he recently began painting these flies.  I gave him a few pointers and he can do a lot better than I could do it.  This is his shad popper.  I do believe the eyes are stick-on.  I'd use this pattern.  I suggested that he use Testor's paint and spray with a lacquer finish.  He posted one or two whiel tagging me so I could see them.  It feels good to help someone make good flies and he has put me to shame.

I will be putting some more tying instructions up soon.  Probably hoppers, lol.  I sold a ton of Juicy Foam Flies last year.  I will show tying instructions but figure to lose out on a few sales because of it.  Hopefully, the Juicy Foam Fly pattern will somehow become viral.  I've landed a lot of bass and panfish on that pattern.

I have to mention #yearofthebluegill.  Sure, I'll be targeting bluegill but most likely, this will be #yearofthepanfish.  I can find bluegill here and there but I know where to hit those fat warmouth and goggleye.


  1. That dog will hunt. Them bass down south love the pencil Popper.