Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cortland 502 fly rod - Shakespeare Omni fly reel and smallmouth bass

Including today, I've made several trips out for Smallies.  I didn't get to hit the honey hole today but I had fun.  Floaters and campers took over my favorite stretch.  I used weighted streamers as usual.  Along with the Shakespeare Omni click and pawl, the Cortland 502 fought Smallmouth bass very well. This rod doesn't provide you with the strength to man-handle the Smallies.  You've got to play them and occasionally off the clicker reel.  

I Ĺ‚ove it when smallmouth bass jump.  Large or small, it's so exciting to see them leap.

Can't wait to get out again.  Up until today, the water was up swift and high.  Things have chilled out and the Smallies aren't as active.  Water level dropped and they are back to hiding under nooks and crannies in the limestone or along the vegetation.

I've gone back to work and it's days like this - not even an awesome day - but just a gorgeous summer day that makes me feel truly blessed.