Friday, March 25, 2011

Tom Nixon - Fly Tying and Fly Fishing for Bass and Panfish

Below, you will find a link to the 3rd ed. of "Fly Fishing and Fly Tying for Bass and Panfish" by Tom Nixon. The ebay seller is listed as Tom Nixon jr., which very well may be the case . . . based on it's a local publisher and I think Tom was pushing these before his death. At least, that's what some of the folks I used to swap flies with were mentioning - as some were members of the same fly club as Tom.

I just want to promote a book that helped me establish some patterns for warm water species. Some of them are Tom's patterns and some are custom/variants. There are detailed diagrams and steps - I have the 1st or 2nd edition . . . color photos and all. I do think he was a pioneer, granted he's not Henschall nor invented the Peckinpaugh Popper.

But he did design the .56%er and Calcasieu Pigboat . . . among others.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crappie on the fly . . . again. sac au lait, strawberry bass.

The genus name Pomoxis derives from the Greek πώμα (cover, plug, operculum) and οξύς (sharp). The common name (also spelled croppie or crappé), derives from the Canadian French crapet, which refers to many different fishes of the family Centrarchidae.

Other names for crappie are papermouths, strawberry bass, speckled bass or specks (especially in Michigan, speckled perch, calico bass (throughout New England),[8] sac-au-lait (in southern Louisiana, lit "bag of milk")[9] and Oswego bass.[citation needed]

Man!!! I have got to find a good school of large crappie!! Need to fry up some slabs, hmmmm.

Crazy Charlie - Panfish on the Fly - Fly Fishing

I tried to take a picture of the fly several times but this is what you get with a phone. Although, the fish came out great. The Crazy Charlie is a simple pattern but is a killer on white bass if you use chartreuse and red.

Hook - size 8
Eyes - dumbbell/bead chain
Thread - yellow or which ever you choose.
Body - Silver chenille
Wing - Mallard flank
Tail - flashabou

It's way too windy - much more windy than yesterday. I still need to make an anchor for the kayak. I've got a lot on my plate today . . . guess I may not fish today but will probably take the kids out to the pond tomorrow. It's supposed to be 75 today - that water is still a bit chilly - late warm up from having a late winter(s), lol.

I was casting out into about 5 to 6 feet of water and stripping this fly in slowly as to land crappie. They were short striking and tugging a tiny bit. I landed a bunch of undersized crappie. They weren't schooling around any structure - at least, I didn't see any structure. I am used to landing them on Clousers - pink and chartreuse Clousers but the Crazy Charlie fly will do.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Took out the ol' kayak for a spin. Got blown around and tied off on a fallen branch. Caught badss, bream and crappie. Lots of undersized crappie. All on the Crazy Charlie. I tied it with silver chenille for the body and mallard flank for the wing.

Had a long day running around . . . will post later.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stinkin' fuel

Waiting for temps to level off before heading out. Water temps still unstable. After all, I just want to maximize $4 gas. I bought a travel container for soap as a new fly box for .50 cents.

Due to high gas prices, I have decided to hit a couple of local ponds on the kayak. I will try my best to learn them - who cares if bass may be scarce.

Besides, I am having too much fun with my new toy phone. Me and the pops may hit the Kings or Illinois for a float trip.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2 groups assisting clean up and maintenance of Illinois River

Oklahoma -

Arkansas -

Illinois River Watershed given some protection.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- After nearly six hours of debate, the Fayetteville City Council passed the stream side protection ordinance late Tuesday night.
The measure would create a 50 foot protection zone near streams, and property owners would have to keep things like feed lots, swimming pools and parking lots away from streams. City leaders have said the ordinance would prevent harmful runoff and erosion.
Many property owners said the law oversteps the city's bounds.
The ordinance passed with a vote of 7 to 1. Alderman Bobby Ferrell cast the only vote against the ordinance.