Monday, January 27, 2014

Jungle Smallmouth Bass - Exotic location??

                                                                                                  Photo - Trout Unlimited HI

Only five natural lakes, all very small, occur in Hawai`i, but 266 freshwater reservoirs ranging up to 400 surface acres in size have been created through impoundment of stream waters. Native fishes are not adapted to these artificial habitats.
Various fish species from elsewhere in the world have been deliberately or accidentally introduced to Hawai`i. High-quality game fishes such as largemouth bass, tucunare and channel catfish are now widespread and well established in reservoir waters. Two game fishes, rainbow trout on Kaua`i and smallmouth bass on O`ahu and Kaua`i, may be found in both streams and reservoirs. Panfish such as bluegill and tilapia are generally abundant in reservoirs statewide, and several tilapia species also occupy stream habitats.

Who knew smallmouth bass could be found in the state of Hawaii?  The past few years, my wife has been pushing for a trip to Hawaii.  Fortunately, I won't have to sit on a plane foever.  We are going to FL for vacation.  However, I am not leaning a bit more towards Hawaii.  That's it I can find my way to this stream.  I did find some directions on how to get to the stream.  First, premission must be given and then it's a tough treck through the jungle.  I have access to some great smallmouth streams but it would be amazing just to land a few smalies and cast amongst the Eucalyptus trees.

It would seem that there are lot of "tubers" on Kaukanahua and access may be easier than the trek in.  I'll leave it up to you to dig up the information on stream access. From reading blogs and looking at videos, the stream seems pretty tough to find an actual public access.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Preparing my smallmouth bass fly box.

I've been prepping my fly box for smallmouth bass.  I even made an outing on Monday.  Myself and a few others didn't fare too well on the same stream - me wading and the others floating.  I do know of some guides that caught a few smallies for a television show on another stream a few counties away.

I have read books and blogs about fly fishing for smallmouth bass.  I have read posts and tried many traditional and custom patterns.  Many streams have been waded and many cuss words uttered and shouted before figuring out enough to enjoy chasing smallmouth bass.

I have learned that even though a stream is stocked with smallmouth bass, it's not going to be a successful smallmouth habitat or have enough water clarity throughout the year to keep them in the stream versus heading to the lake or deep water.

A guy mentioned to me that anyone can wade streams and catch tons of smallmouth bass on small flies.  I guess he thinks my 2.5 inch Shucker is small - and compared to some flies, it does seem that way.  I do know that not everyone can catch tons of smallmouth bass on the same stream as those that may do it.  I also know that I have become a pretty good fly fisherman for smallmouth bass - mainly due to fishing the same locations for years and trying out different presentations.

I have learned that my style of fly fishing doesn't totally comply with Harry Murray's books or Dave Whitlocks smallmouth flies.  My smallmouth bass fly box contains the following flies - Crazydad (purple and orange), Chernobyl Ants/hoppers, size 4 Wooly Buggers, Betts poppers, Boogle Bugs, Panfish Charleys and the Shucker.  I will throw in Double Deceivers or Articulated Boogie Men and Articulated Butt Monkies too.  You've got to work the entire water column.  I agree to that somewhat.  I find that casting weighted flies into riffles works great.  I also find that casting into slack water behing riffles and letting my Shucker sink will catch smallmouth bass with a twitch or two.

That Shucker (olive and black) has been the most productive smallmouth pattern that I have ever used.  I tied up a bunch of James Wood Bucktail to try out - which I have never used before.  I also tied up about 30 Shuckers and 25 Chernobyl ants.  I would tie my own Crazydads but have not bought a dubbing spinner yet.  Besides, it gives me an excuse to visit the fly shop.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

T.F.O. Lefty Kreh Signature Series II - Preseason Review.

After spending my Christmas money and using a coupon, this rod only cost me $7.  I must say, after casting it in my yard, I immediately noticed the quality and uniqueness of this T.F.O. fly rod.  I haven't cast any flies with it but in one afternoon of practice casting, I became very attracted to this rod.

This rod has a lifetime warranty.  I like the half wells grip which is smaller in diameter to other grips I've used.  The rod also has oversized stripping guides, and an anodized aluminum reel seat that matches my WR2 reel.  The medium-fast action fly rod has will provide great presentation and the distance is amazing but I am worried about casting heavy flies - but if I can cast flies with XXL tungsten barbell eyes, I'm sure this rod will do just fine.  The rod seems to load itself and casting seems effortless.  I've been using rigid GLoomis rods - sheesh.  What a difference!

I'll give a more thorough product review as the year goes on.  I've got to patch my waders now.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Cabela's Sling Pack - Budget Style - Fly fishing

I've been looking at sling packs for quite sometime now. I am somewhat budget minded when it comes to purchasing most things. So, I bought this sling pack from Cabela's. Thank goodness too. I tried it out today in the yard as I cast my rod. What a difference it makes not to have a strap over your casting shoulder. If you scroll down a bit on this page, there is a product video. It's just what I need to dig something out out of my pack without skipping my backpack off.

I've got some other reviews coming.  Just bought some wading shoes and I still have to cast a few flies on my new rod.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Presenting Bass Flies . . . as a gift.

I tied up a bunch of bass flies for my dad and step-mom - although, he just married her and I'm not sure if I should call her that yet.  He bought her a pink fly rod and they go pond hoping.  He bought me an overflow tying organizer (gear review to come) and sent me some hooks and tying materials for Christmas.  So, I tied up some pond flies for he and his lady friend.

As you can see, I like to make them in sort of an older style flair.  Dad likes to fly fish for trout and only hits ponds for bass and I was hoping to send him some smallmouth flies.  He got one or two of my Shuckers and some "Smallmouth Charleys".

Over the past few years, I've lost some accesses on a few streams and have been hitting the same spots over and over . . . and even in finding a new stream access, I wore myself out on that location.  I did hit some lakes and didn't do too bad.  So, in tying up Dad some bass flies for Bucketmouths, I decided to fill up a box or two for myself.

I also bought a new rod (gear review coming soon!) for smallmouth and panfish - and possibly not so heavy largemouth flies.  I have been looking at buying some nymphs from Allen's or Cabela's.  I hate tying small flies.  I used idolize the panfish and almost spend all of my year tying and fishing for them.  And, in managing Panfish on the Fly, I really need to represent.  Besides, I've got to show up Bill, right? :)