Friday, January 3, 2014

Presenting Bass Flies . . . as a gift.

I tied up a bunch of bass flies for my dad and step-mom - although, he just married her and I'm not sure if I should call her that yet.  He bought her a pink fly rod and they go pond hoping.  He bought me an overflow tying organizer (gear review to come) and sent me some hooks and tying materials for Christmas.  So, I tied up some pond flies for he and his lady friend.

As you can see, I like to make them in sort of an older style flair.  Dad likes to fly fish for trout and only hits ponds for bass and I was hoping to send him some smallmouth flies.  He got one or two of my Shuckers and some "Smallmouth Charleys".

Over the past few years, I've lost some accesses on a few streams and have been hitting the same spots over and over . . . and even in finding a new stream access, I wore myself out on that location.  I did hit some lakes and didn't do too bad.  So, in tying up Dad some bass flies for Bucketmouths, I decided to fill up a box or two for myself.

I also bought a new rod (gear review coming soon!) for smallmouth and panfish - and possibly not so heavy largemouth flies.  I have been looking at buying some nymphs from Allen's or Cabela's.  I hate tying small flies.  I used idolize the panfish and almost spend all of my year tying and fishing for them.  And, in managing Panfish on the Fly, I really need to represent.  Besides, I've got to show up Bill, right? :)


  1. That last one looks like what I called a "bass crawler" and posted on my blog last year. I've tried it a few times, but no luck with it yet.

    1. Jay, I've had some luck but more catching rocks and branches. I've been tying them with XXL stainless steel eyes which has been more of an effective solution to NOT getting caught on a sunken log. The weedguard does help to some extent. I think black and olive patterns work best with slow action.

  2. Just a quick comment. I applaud your creativity with Foam and fly tying.

  3. Thanks Mel. I absolutely love working with foam.

  4. Nice foams! Whats your instagram? I tried searching but couldn't find you.