Monday, November 25, 2013

Tying Mike Schmidt's Double Deceiver - warm water fly fishing smallmouth bass.

My father showed me some of Brian Wise's articulated fly tying videos last fall.  I then met a few local guys on Instagram that were tying those flies for brown trout and doing well using the Sex Dungeon and Double Deceiver.  This past winter, I tied up a bunch of artiulcated patterns using Brian's videos but didn't fare so well on warm water species.  My Instagram buddies did pretty darn good with the Double Deceiver.  However, I stuck with the Shucker.  I went out last week and what would be deemed a horrible outing.  Luckily, a decent sized spotted bass inhaled my fly on the last cast of the day.  That Shucker pattern has caught me bass on every outing that I have used it - NO MATTER WHAT . . . that and I know where to throw it and some of those places not being great but do hold bass.

A link to Mike Schmidt's Double Deceiver by Brian Wise -

This year was the absolute best year for me in terms of size and amount of smallmouth bass landed.  Unfortunately, several locations I fish are not really welcoming to fisherman anymore.  I had to find new water and did pretty good with my Shucker.  Which is why I never really spent much time casting articulated flies.  I decided to tie the Double Deceiver.  I haven't gotten around to all of Brian Wise's flies but I have seen all of the videos.  I'm just being practical right now and will tie certain patterns when the time calls for it.  A lot of folks do know of these videos and there are a lot of people that don't have that privilege.  Which is why I am spreading the news.

If anybody is chasing trout, tightlines.  I've got someone building a nice 3 wgt. for me.  Hoping to land a few trout next month.