Saturday, October 11, 2014

Vintage fiberglass fly rods and smallmouth bass - #glassisnotdead


It's been a while since I posted.  I've been chasing smallmouth bass with my glass rods.  I bought a TFO Clouser rod but have mostly stuck with the glass rods.

I bought a 5 wgt. 7' Berkley Buccaneer travel rod.  I'm still waiting on it arrive but am excited about the opportunity to use it and to pack it in to some of the more remote spots I fish.

I also bought another vintage glass rod.  A Wonderod built in 1957 and I'm gonna put something on the wraps before I use it.  Amazing condition too.  

I bought a South Bend Outdoorsman.  A nice vintage blue collar rod.  One problem, it was from an estate sale.  The seller on ebay didn't know the top section was from a different rod.  It looks like it matches but I think it's for a spinning rod.  He didn't have the matching section.  I was in contact with someone to buy another Outdoorsman which is broken but has the matching section but he wants me to buy another rod too.  SO, this rod will sit for a while.

I'm looking to purchase a matching reel for the Wonderod and possibly the Buccaneer.

What not post some smallmouth bass photos.

I am so excited for the chance to cast my new vintage glass rods!