Monday, January 28, 2013

Goodies and warm weather make me "ancy".

With temperatures in the 60's and more moderate weather on the way, I was out checking my favorite waters and it's accesses. Then, today I receive several packages of Schlappen and a "little something" from Cameron at The Fiberglass Manifesto.  I already plastered my Blazer and kayak with decals.  I am soooo ready to hit the water for bass and panfish.

My anticipation wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't tied up some of these little popping bugs for bluegills.

I received a bunch of balsa bodies from my father's friend.  He was closing up shop . . . some old place in Oklahoma that sold old lures, rods and other fishing tackle.  Figured I was lucky.  I did find some more popper bodies at Jann'snetcraft.

No, these flies aren't air brushed and they definitely aren't perfect but I have used this exact painted popper style to catch lots of bluegills in the past.  I painted these with acrylic paint and sprayed them with a clear coat finish.

I used to have a lot of small foam cylinders to make a ton of durable poppers but used them all up selling flies on ebay.  So, I used a larger cylinder for a bass popper and I'm sure a larger panfish will hammer it too.

I also tied up a "Shannendoah" popper.  Somebody commented on Instagram that this fly would be awesome in the fall.  I think it could be awesome any time of year.  Folks seem to go on top in the fall.  I guess it makes more sense to do it then with all the hoppers and what not . . . fish greedily filling up their bellies for winter.  But . . . I seem to have luck with top water patterns most of the year (March - November).

As I have been saying lately, "stay tuned" because I am going to hit new water AND it seems that I am pretty good at landing bluegills and panfish.  Or, is it that they like to slam whatever is thrown at  them . . . not!  Anyone chasing bluegills will know that they will be just as choosy as trout.

Spring can't come too soon!!!

Here's a pic of a bass having taken one of my small foam poppers.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Year of the Bluegill or (panfish, he he.)

I'm not sure if Cameron at TFM follows Bill Trussell but I do believe that Jeff from J&M Flies reads up on Bill's bluegill stories as I do.  I do think it's interesting that Cameron is going to have a Year of the Bluegill, I am trying for it and I think Kev from Feather Chucker will be hitting up a goal of 100 bluegills.  I'm generally going for panfish this year.  I want bluegills but those heavy hitting Goggleye and warmouth are part of the excitement of chasing smallies or hanging on at the end of an exhausting day with no bass caught.

Cameron took a picture (above) of the articulated streamers I sent him.  Great looking photo.  But he hasn't posted anything about those Juicy Foam Flies I sent him to help him land those bluegills this year.  If it wasn't for Bill, I may not be chasing those great little fighters - well, not as hard anyways, lol.

I used the Juicy Foam Fly in most every outing I had last year.  Of all the color combinations, green and white seemed to have worked the best.  There was one trip I made in which almost all the fish I caught were on the green and white Juicy Foam Fly.  I makes a hefty plop on the water, it can be chugged, durable and the hook size 8 is proper enough for not only a smallmouth bass to take it but also panfish.  The size of it's body keeps those pesky little sunfish off of it - well, they can't pull it down, lol.

Wish I could find more pics of me catching fish on the Juicy Foam Fly but I've got to switch things up between all my foamies, lol.

In my quest for 100 bluegills (panfish), e.i., rock bass, etc., I hope to purchase a glass rod.  I think that's part of the funm isn't it?  Can you imagine the feeling you get when a fat bluegill hammers your fly on a flexible fiberglass rod?  I like using light rods for the feel of the fight - which has hurt me in some occasions when fighting bass.  Cameron at TFM sells them and I'm gonna hit him for one soon.  He's sending a shirt and decal my way and I will be excited to show them off . . . but to truly represent, I need a glass rod.  The old rod I inherited is in bad shape.  I can't even read the name on it.  It needs too much work.

I've been tying up lots of foam flies and have listed a bunch on ebay.  I've dug out some twine and my anchor for the kayak.  I'm putting foam into plastic containers and researching a few good locations for my favorite lil' friends - the bluegills.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Foam frog/popper/custom bodies.

I am recycling some of our old flip-flops. I've sold flies constructed from old foam sandals several times on ebay.  I figure, why not move some foam quickly to those tying flies for Spring. I have several kids which means I've got a few more flip-flops to buy again.

I'm not going to throw away valuable tying materials. Our family recycles more than it puts in the weekly trash bin.  It makes me feel good to help the environment in this small way.

These foam bodies already have a perforation from top to tail. All you have to do is place out on the hook. In the future, I may add legs or eyes.

Anyways, working on a few flies today. Hoping to hit some water soon.

Friday, January 18, 2013

In with the Old and "In" with the "Old"? Articulated flies.

It seems that I will have to change the name of my blog back to it's original address. I guess there are some links and such from other sites and blogs.  I lost a ton of traffic from hundreds a day to about 10 - 20 visits.  Some things are best left alone . . . unless they are this years flies which  I am currently preparing in anticipation for largemouth and smallmouth bass.  AND, let's not forget those panfish!!

Cameron at and I have bartered - a few of my articulated flies for a shirt and decal from the Fiberglass Manifesto.  He is going to be chasing some bluegills this year and has properly named his pursuit, Year of the Bluegill.  I sent him some foamies to assist him in his quest for these awesome fighters and slashers of fur and foam.

I am still tying articulated flies.  Obviously, I am not only increasing my arsenal but doing it in a way that will be more productive.  These flies will definitely have more movement.  Not only will I be wading streams with the Boogie Man and Circus Peanut but will also be attempting the Sex Dungeon on a few spots and largemouth bass on some lakes and ponds.

I'm probably getting myself all worked up.  In all, I did mail out 23 articulated flies this week to several folks.  I received good feedback.  Of course, foamies were sent too.  How can a fly fisherman not love foam?  I bet there are a few out there, lol.

I sold my first articulated fly this week on ebay.  Unfortunately, they are a lot more expensive to make than foam flies.  I've got to figure out a way to actually make money on these flies, lol.

I'm trying to make dubbing in my coffee grinder.  Can't figure it out though.  My dad used to do it. He'll be by tomorrow and maybe he can show me the proper way to make dubbing without burning up the machine.  I am having the heck of a time finding proper Schlappen.  Cabela's doesn't carry any and my local fly shop has a limited range of colors.  Gonna have to order from J.Stockard again.  I would order from The Fly Shop as I usually do but for some reason, the past few shipments have taken at least 10 days.

Some of the folks I follow on Instagram such as Stumblyrhino can definitely tye up some proper articulated flies.  I'm getting better and hope to have proper tying materials soon. I need long Schlappen.  The hackle on this fly is long but not enough body.  I need more life in these flies.  After all, when you put the time and effort in these flies, you want it to be good.  Lord knows, when I lose one of these articulated flies, I'm probably going to burst into tears.

I just finished up some ebay flies.  I have to make a run to the post office and get tracking on some electronic devices I just sold.  Luckily, my trip is pretty darn close because I don't feel well.  I've been sick all week.  It hasn't stopped me from tying though.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Naked and unfamous - warm water fly fishing and fly tying

LOL.  What a way to title a post.  Listening to Naked and Famous.  I kind of get the title.  It's like putting your self out there for everyone to see and everyone does see you for what you want them to see.  So, I have been putting myself out there and am not famous.  There are bloggers out there who have definitely made a career out of blogging.  I have to change my blog template back becuase my traffic dropped due to an old school design, lol.

I've been working on articulated flies and some larger streamers for largemouth and smallmouth bass.  Usually, I work with foam and simple streamers.  I've done OK in the way of landing fish.  However, I want bigger fish.  I always say that size doesn't matter but in the manner of being spoiled and fishing every weekend, I am looking to broaden my horizon.  Obviously, I want bigger fish but that just means I'm bored with the same locations.  I want to land a few trout, pull in a bunch of white bass (sandies, whipers, etc.).  I want to join the local "bass paddlers" club too.

Recently, I made a decision to be a stay-at-home dad.  Unfortunately, I do get bored very quickly.  I do a lot of reading, net surfing, follow sports, house chores . . . I have surfed the web to it's ends!!  Quite possibly, I am going to land some decent largemouth bass.  Why can't I be like the neighbor who fishes from a float tube and lands bass which are then mounted on his wall??  Sure, I may get more outings but I have to break the mold.  I have to leave my comfort zone.  I mean, isn't that what it's all about, really??  Leaving the worries of the office and family life and absorbing the outdoors.  It's about relishing those things which we had once taken for granted.  It's a time to reflect, a time to loosen our collars and especially, loosen the bonds of life.  If we don't relax, then what's the purpose?  We have to try new things.  Wasn't that a part of growing up?  Experiencing new things in life.  Fulfilling our curiosities and the need for that rush of adrenaline or knowing that each day is a new day and you have your whole life ahead of you.

I think we fall into a comfort zone and lose ourselves to the numbiness that is life.  We dread to wake up and deal with the realities of life.  So, if we don't go out and try new things, what is life worth living??  Why be a couch potato or desk jockey everyday.  You'll burn out either way.  I'm tired of flipping channels and folding laundry.  I was tired of staring at a computer all day and stuffing myself with carbs and coffee.

Me, I'm gonna try and relax a bit more this year.  I'm gonna do my best to land a few more larger fish.  I'm gonna step out a bit more out of the man cave and out into the light.  It's time to realize that I'm even in too much of a comfort zone of my own streams and lakes and flies and habits.

That's why I'm tying larger nastier flies.  That's why I'm sharing pics with folks on Instagram and sharing my feelings on this blog.  I want folks to know that I can break free.  That I can open up out of my shell.  That in the big scheme of things, I'm just a nobody trying to not to be famous or popular but only wanting to enjoy life just a little bit more.