Friday, January 18, 2013

In with the Old and "In" with the "Old"? Articulated flies.

It seems that I will have to change the name of my blog back to it's original address. I guess there are some links and such from other sites and blogs.  I lost a ton of traffic from hundreds a day to about 10 - 20 visits.  Some things are best left alone . . . unless they are this years flies which  I am currently preparing in anticipation for largemouth and smallmouth bass.  AND, let's not forget those panfish!!

Cameron at and I have bartered - a few of my articulated flies for a shirt and decal from the Fiberglass Manifesto.  He is going to be chasing some bluegills this year and has properly named his pursuit, Year of the Bluegill.  I sent him some foamies to assist him in his quest for these awesome fighters and slashers of fur and foam.

I am still tying articulated flies.  Obviously, I am not only increasing my arsenal but doing it in a way that will be more productive.  These flies will definitely have more movement.  Not only will I be wading streams with the Boogie Man and Circus Peanut but will also be attempting the Sex Dungeon on a few spots and largemouth bass on some lakes and ponds.

I'm probably getting myself all worked up.  In all, I did mail out 23 articulated flies this week to several folks.  I received good feedback.  Of course, foamies were sent too.  How can a fly fisherman not love foam?  I bet there are a few out there, lol.

I sold my first articulated fly this week on ebay.  Unfortunately, they are a lot more expensive to make than foam flies.  I've got to figure out a way to actually make money on these flies, lol.

I'm trying to make dubbing in my coffee grinder.  Can't figure it out though.  My dad used to do it. He'll be by tomorrow and maybe he can show me the proper way to make dubbing without burning up the machine.  I am having the heck of a time finding proper Schlappen.  Cabela's doesn't carry any and my local fly shop has a limited range of colors.  Gonna have to order from J.Stockard again.  I would order from The Fly Shop as I usually do but for some reason, the past few shipments have taken at least 10 days.

Some of the folks I follow on Instagram such as Stumblyrhino can definitely tye up some proper articulated flies.  I'm getting better and hope to have proper tying materials soon. I need long Schlappen.  The hackle on this fly is long but not enough body.  I need more life in these flies.  After all, when you put the time and effort in these flies, you want it to be good.  Lord knows, when I lose one of these articulated flies, I'm probably going to burst into tears.

I just finished up some ebay flies.  I have to make a run to the post office and get tracking on some electronic devices I just sold.  Luckily, my trip is pretty darn close because I don't feel well.  I've been sick all week.  It hasn't stopped me from tying though.

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  1. It seems like everyone has gotten sick this year. I hope you get healthy soon. That last fly looks perfect.