Monday, January 28, 2013

Goodies and warm weather make me "ancy".

With temperatures in the 60's and more moderate weather on the way, I was out checking my favorite waters and it's accesses. Then, today I receive several packages of Schlappen and a "little something" from Cameron at The Fiberglass Manifesto.  I already plastered my Blazer and kayak with decals.  I am soooo ready to hit the water for bass and panfish.

My anticipation wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't tied up some of these little popping bugs for bluegills.

I received a bunch of balsa bodies from my father's friend.  He was closing up shop . . . some old place in Oklahoma that sold old lures, rods and other fishing tackle.  Figured I was lucky.  I did find some more popper bodies at Jann'snetcraft.

No, these flies aren't air brushed and they definitely aren't perfect but I have used this exact painted popper style to catch lots of bluegills in the past.  I painted these with acrylic paint and sprayed them with a clear coat finish.

I used to have a lot of small foam cylinders to make a ton of durable poppers but used them all up selling flies on ebay.  So, I used a larger cylinder for a bass popper and I'm sure a larger panfish will hammer it too.

I also tied up a "Shannendoah" popper.  Somebody commented on Instagram that this fly would be awesome in the fall.  I think it could be awesome any time of year.  Folks seem to go on top in the fall.  I guess it makes more sense to do it then with all the hoppers and what not . . . fish greedily filling up their bellies for winter.  But . . . I seem to have luck with top water patterns most of the year (March - November).

As I have been saying lately, "stay tuned" because I am going to hit new water AND it seems that I am pretty good at landing bluegills and panfish.  Or, is it that they like to slam whatever is thrown at  them . . . not!  Anyone chasing bluegills will know that they will be just as choosy as trout.

Spring can't come too soon!!!

Here's a pic of a bass having taken one of my small foam poppers.

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