Monday, January 21, 2013

Year of the Bluegill or (panfish, he he.)

I'm not sure if Cameron at TFM follows Bill Trussell but I do believe that Jeff from J&M Flies reads up on Bill's bluegill stories as I do.  I do think it's interesting that Cameron is going to have a Year of the Bluegill, I am trying for it and I think Kev from Feather Chucker will be hitting up a goal of 100 bluegills.  I'm generally going for panfish this year.  I want bluegills but those heavy hitting Goggleye and warmouth are part of the excitement of chasing smallies or hanging on at the end of an exhausting day with no bass caught.

Cameron took a picture (above) of the articulated streamers I sent him.  Great looking photo.  But he hasn't posted anything about those Juicy Foam Flies I sent him to help him land those bluegills this year.  If it wasn't for Bill, I may not be chasing those great little fighters - well, not as hard anyways, lol.

I used the Juicy Foam Fly in most every outing I had last year.  Of all the color combinations, green and white seemed to have worked the best.  There was one trip I made in which almost all the fish I caught were on the green and white Juicy Foam Fly.  I makes a hefty plop on the water, it can be chugged, durable and the hook size 8 is proper enough for not only a smallmouth bass to take it but also panfish.  The size of it's body keeps those pesky little sunfish off of it - well, they can't pull it down, lol.

Wish I could find more pics of me catching fish on the Juicy Foam Fly but I've got to switch things up between all my foamies, lol.

In my quest for 100 bluegills (panfish), e.i., rock bass, etc., I hope to purchase a glass rod.  I think that's part of the funm isn't it?  Can you imagine the feeling you get when a fat bluegill hammers your fly on a flexible fiberglass rod?  I like using light rods for the feel of the fight - which has hurt me in some occasions when fighting bass.  Cameron at TFM sells them and I'm gonna hit him for one soon.  He's sending a shirt and decal my way and I will be excited to show them off . . . but to truly represent, I need a glass rod.  The old rod I inherited is in bad shape.  I can't even read the name on it.  It needs too much work.

I've been tying up lots of foam flies and have listed a bunch on ebay.  I've dug out some twine and my anchor for the kayak.  I'm putting foam into plastic containers and researching a few good locations for my favorite lil' friends - the bluegills.


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