Sunday, July 31, 2011

smallmouth fly - Clouser mending

Call me superstitious but I have the most luck with those Clousers that have stainless steel red eyes. I bought these a few years back and tore up the bass on the Illinois River. I have had the heck of a time finding them because The Sportsman's Warehouse went out of business. Academy has Clousers but with bead chain or painted on lead eyes.

Cabela's is opening soon. Maybe they'll have what I am looking for. I mended this fly. Instead of bucktail, I utilized craft feather from Hobby Lobby. Anything to save a few bucks on flies.

I am looking forward to some more rain and fall weather - already scoped out a couple of new places on the Elk River.

Smallmouth Flies - Bluegill Flies

This drought is killing all the streams - drying them up or choking them with algae blooms. Some of the local lakes and ponds are fishable but it's just too darn hot and fishing is too dang slow. A few weeks ago, I had to count until 10 or 15 just for a fish to hit my popping bug.

I decided to tie up some flies that I had some success with earlier this spring, Crazy Charlies. I like streamer patterns. I like Clousers but with a little more variation from time to time. Some of the streams I fish are small and I like to use patterns that both bass and panfish will take. Since I am a gear minimalist, I will take only floating line, therefore, I need some sinking flies.

Honestly, I was bored this morning. I wanted to hit the local pond but we had a big rain last night which stirred up the mud and debris. I always like to tie up patterns and try them out. It's neat finding out what may be successful.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Clouser Fun

Fished 4 hours and landed 7 bass. Good day out. Better than yesterday. Gonna be 100 today. I already got a bit too much sun this morning. I did see a croc with a beer, lol. Hoping to land some largemouth on the ol' bass bug soon. Still searching for those big bass. This year hasn't been too bad for fishing. Gets better every year.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Crappie on the Fly

It's July in Arkansas. You know it's hot. I know the water is turning - dirty and developing algae. Yet, I am landing crappie on a popping bug . . . in at least 4 feet of water. Don't know what to think other than it's awesome.

Not much action with bass lately but a lot of bream. I will have to say that the budget fly rod I bought at Bass Pro shops which is a Bugger brand 8 wgt., does have good sensitivity. I cannot wait until August or September for increased top-water bass action.

Does anyone have any strategy suggestions for fishing cat tails? It seems the bass just don't wanna come out and play.