Sunday, July 31, 2011

smallmouth fly - Clouser mending

Call me superstitious but I have the most luck with those Clousers that have stainless steel red eyes. I bought these a few years back and tore up the bass on the Illinois River. I have had the heck of a time finding them because The Sportsman's Warehouse went out of business. Academy has Clousers but with bead chain or painted on lead eyes.

Cabela's is opening soon. Maybe they'll have what I am looking for. I mended this fly. Instead of bucktail, I utilized craft feather from Hobby Lobby. Anything to save a few bucks on flies.

I am looking forward to some more rain and fall weather - already scoped out a couple of new places on the Elk River.

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  1. Riverwalker
    The Clouser is one of my favorite for bass, especially spots on my local Smith Lake. I am making a float trip in three weeks and the Clouser is one of the flies I will have in my box. Great Post.