Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Crappie on the Fly

It's July in Arkansas. You know it's hot. I know the water is turning - dirty and developing algae. Yet, I am landing crappie on a popping bug . . . in at least 4 feet of water. Don't know what to think other than it's awesome.

Not much action with bass lately but a lot of bream. I will have to say that the budget fly rod I bought at Bass Pro shops which is a Bugger brand 8 wgt., does have good sensitivity. I cannot wait until August or September for increased top-water bass action.

Does anyone have any strategy suggestions for fishing cat tails? It seems the bass just don't wanna come out and play.


  1. River
    This is a first for me, congrats on landing crappie on the popper. I am still trying to figure out why crappie is in 4 ft. of water in this heat? I would like to land some slabs on the popper as well. As for the heat--- here in Alabama it is suppose to get into the 100's next week. The two tirps I have planned will be at daylight and off the water by 10 AM. Thanks for getting me fired up about the crappie.

  2. Nice crappie , and on a popping bug to boot. Topping out over 100 here in Ks today , I think early morning and late evening fishing is gonna be the rule for a while.