Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bass Swirls

This morning, I was playing to a bass that was making swirls at my fly. I have noticed this before but haven't really thought much of it. I did land the bass but I wondered why he swirled at the fly. Is he sucking and spitting really fast, is he slashing at it??

The bass swirled at my fly once. I then cast to another spot and landed a few bream. I cast back and he swirled at it twice before taking it. He did swirl at it each time I popped the fly. So, I guess it pays to play to the swirl.

One lesson from this to my readers, let your bass bug sit and take your time bringing it in. When I cast a popping bug, I usually wait about 3 to 5 seconds before tugging. It usually pays off by waiting.

Today's highlight, landing a 3 lbs. bass on a yellow Betts' Popper.


  1. Sounds like you had a better day than I did. Speaking of slashing... I didn't land a fish all morning, but had a handful of Yellow Bass slashing at a foam spider. No actual takes though. They were close enough to my kayak that actually see the fish- the only reason I know what they were. I totally agree about being patient with the popper. It usually pays off... but it's so hard to be patient.

  2. River
    I couldn't agree more about the wait factor, it does make a difference. As for the swirling I have found that bass tend to slap at poppers or even swirl at them just out of being annoyed that it is there. In your case presenting the popper several time to the probably worn it patience down so it decided to try and kill it. That is my own theory, someone else may think differently.