Monday, March 15, 2010

Cork Bodies for bass and bluegills

Got some of these listed on ebay. I paint these with Testors paint and spray them with lacquer. Or, color them with markers. The small bodies are awesome for bluegills. I have access to hundreds of these - thanks to my dad's friend.

You know once these are tied, these flies are destined for glory. Sometimes, if you have a thick enough bodkin, you can push a hole through the body and pull legs through with a threader.

If i can find my pliers - to take lids of paint - I will start tying a few of these up.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reconnecting with myself.

Sitting at the public library. Love it here. Books have always been an integral part of my life. For as long as I can remember, reading has been something I have greatly enjoyed.

From Louis L'Amour, Charles Dickens, Jack Higgins, Patrick F. McManus, and even Beverly Cleary and Dr.Suess; I do think that books become a part of you. Help define you and your character. They help you to discover and learn. They provide solitude and rest. Books are wonderful.

Books are also something that my children enjoy with enthusiasm.

Just the same as the outdoors did for me as reading; I spent countless hours and days in the woods behind the house. Building forts and hiking through trails. Not to mention spending time hunting and fishing with my father. I felt connected to the outdoors just as I found a connection with books.

During this time in my life, one that has been a bit challenging, I find myself reconnecting with those things that make me happy. Those things that bring me comfort.

Is it possible to commune with nature? I do think so. I spent most of my childhood looking for something there. And finding it. Solace and comfort. Comfort from nature and yes, even the Lord.

While on camping trips, I spent a lot of time hiking trails. It was like discovering something for the first time and really appreciating it. There was something awesome about the "newness" of thinking you were the first person to stand on that cliff.

I truly miss those hills and mountains. Those streams and rivers and yes, even an alpine meadow or two. But not those giant mosquitoes.

As things begin to settle a little bit more in my life and seem to slow down a bit, I take time to step away from the drama that is and was . . . trying to reconnect with myself. Truly missing my childhood, I crave for those things simple things that I once did not take for granted but forgot as I grew into and out of adolescence.

Made my custom scupper plug!!

I grabbed a "fun noodle" and cut some sections to fit my scuppers. Best to find a noodle that doesn't have a hole in the middle.


I enjoy tweeting on Twitter. I have had several accounts in the past with several thousand tweets.

I hope to post my pics on and my blog too. I have a more portable camera this year. I am scoping out new waters. So, I hope to have something to show besides some stupid bream.

So, if you decide to follow me on Twitter, more than likely, you see my pics long before I blog. Not to mention, lots of pics not related to fishing.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Homemade Scupper Plug Video

Wow. Already getting hits from my scupper plug post. I didn't realize my link was to the first site in the search results. SO, I will post a video that I found very helpful and one that I will be attempting tomorrow.

Area Lakes

Lake Elmdale, Lake Wedington, Lake Fayetteville, Lake Bella Vista, Lake Atalanta, Crystal Lake, Lake Siloam Springs, Lake Swepco, Lake Bob Kidd and maybe even Lake Wilson.

These are places on my list this year to fish in my kayak. Hoping to land a few bass. Last year, I fared well on my fly fishing gear. A year or so ago, I did better with my spinning gear.

I am tired of limiting myself to streams. That, and I sold my boat a few years ago. And a boat is a royal pain in the rump when you are by yourself. At least when you fish a lake, you don't have to worry about rain the night before affecting the stream you wanted to fish. Or water on a stream taking a week or so to lower back down to normal levels.

I just want to hit the water. Hoping to take a few photos of fish this year.

I landed a bunch of rock bass on Lake Elmdale on day with my father on popping bugs. Well, he was using bass bugs and those fish were taking them. I like to think myself the master of bream fishing with a fly rod. I am sure there are a lot more people better at it. However, I want to land more bass.

And I am hoping this kayak increases my chances by opening up more shoreline and places to fish besides streams.

Scupper plugs

Just realized I need Scupper Plugs. Here are some ideas for homemade plugs.

I finally broke down and bought a kayak. Gotta be out on the water. It's an 8 ft. Wilderness Systems "Ripper". Little storage for drinks or snacks and place on the rear for my tackle.

There is a lot of water within 30 minutes. Lake Siloam Springs, Lake Swepco, Crystal Lake, Lake Bella Vista, Beaver Lake, etc. . . .

Tons of fish out there to be caught. I am hoping to make my way back down to Lake Bob Kidd. Gonna be awesome there in those lily pads. Lake Prairie Grove is stocked with bream - TONS of bream.

I'll hit the streams once I get a good handle on this kayak. Love the water. Fish too.

Mulberry River Issues with Run Off.

I sure wish they would monitor the Arkansas side if the Illinois River like the Mulberry River.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is it that I love the catch fish or wade streams? Can't figure out why I love walking streams. Catching fish is a challenge and does seem to validate my manhood. Sure, panfish are fun but landing bass is what counts, right?

My favorite time to wade streams is when they are warm. Walking in shorts and wading boots . . . man, it's great. Sometimes, I don't care about catching fish. Although, there are times I want to toss out my fishing gear and call it quits.

I have always enjoyed spending time outdoors. I used to hike a lot. Now, I enjoy wading creeks and rivers. It does calm me. It helps to take my mind of things. Sometimes, a few days later, I find myself thinking of the stream - trying to figure it out - want to locate fish.

I catch fish. Nothing huge. And sometimes - nothing. At times, I prefer going out for bluegills. Those really are my favorite. Abundant, great fighters too.

Wading creeks and fishing is great but I think just getting out is awesome. Does it matter how many fish I catch or how big?

I love my foam bass bugs. Gotta have weed guards. Going out for some bucketmouths this spring. Taking out a canoe.

New Smallmouth Fly Patterns

Preparing for more smallmouth bass fly fishing. Bought some flies from The flies were shipped in some nice containers that I can keep with me on the stream. Got a sticker too.

I decided to go with a few sunfish patterns, King Kongs and of course, Clousers. I decided to throw in a Bitch Creek Nymph for drifting and for landing a few panfish. I am going to use the King Kong fly patterns to drift and for possible top water popping action. They are large and I hope they will attract the attention of some lurking bass.

I don't drift much for smallmouth. At least on top. I have landed the rare bass on an Elk Hair Caddis. I also look forward to landing a few smallies on crawdad patterns. Which is rare for me.

Still pondering the purchase of a kayak.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lake Swepco Largemouth Bass

I landed my largest bass at Lake Swepco in January of 2004. Haven't forgot it either - never will. It was at least 20 inches long. The devil of a fighter on a GLoomis 8 wgt. rod.

I believe it was a Florida strain largemouth. That is what AGFC was or still is putting in the lake. And you couldn't take any bass from the lake. I guess you still are unable to do it.

The Gummy Minnow is the go-to fly for most guys on this lake during winter - warmed by the outflow from an electric plant on Flint Creek.

This fly, I believe is called the Beaux - a slight variation of a Tom Nixon pattern. I received this fly in 2003 or so in the mail from a fly swap. I haven't used it since. Afraid I might lose it.

Waiting for waters to warm up . . .

Monday, March 1, 2010

Second Smallmouth Bass Outing of 2010

I'm not even going to talk about my first trip out the other day. Let's just say I was knocking the rust off. Today, well . . . . didn't go down to well either.

I want to say that using sinking line is very important when presenting a weighted streamer. I am waiting on loop connectors to arrive in the mail. I hate tying nail knots.

So, I used my 8 wgt. The Clouser was not presented in a way I wanted it to be. Even with a 9 foot leader, it still rises and falls or stays near the surface.

I love the way my sinking tip line keeps the fly near the bottom or at least away from the surface. I needed it today. Especially with the cold water temperature. I knew it was going to be a challenge - pulling bass off their homes.

Yet, I only landed a small fish. Not to mention a Stick Fish and Bush Fish. And the obligatory $2 cast.

I think sinking line is essential when fishing for smallmouth bass. Even when presenting a popping bug, sinking line can provide more of a downward motion chug.

The river changed. My favorite holes are filled with debris and are shallow. However, I did find a new location for bluegills. It's gonna be great. I can tell. It's a tight spot. A bit ugly. Will have to use spinning gear.

I usually have a nylon braided leader attached to my fly line with another leader looped in.
This usually helps me turn over a nice loop with weighted flies. But that nylon leader was lost last year.

Feeling like I need to trash all my fly gear today . . . good luck to me this year.