Monday, March 15, 2010

Cork Bodies for bass and bluegills

Got some of these listed on ebay. I paint these with Testors paint and spray them with lacquer. Or, color them with markers. The small bodies are awesome for bluegills. I have access to hundreds of these - thanks to my dad's friend.

You know once these are tied, these flies are destined for glory. Sometimes, if you have a thick enough bodkin, you can push a hole through the body and pull legs through with a threader.

If i can find my pliers - to take lids of paint - I will start tying a few of these up.


  1. Big eye sewing needles work great for threading legs as well! One step, instead of bodkin + threader. You can usually pick up one or two packs for pretty cheap at any craft store or sewing supply. In foam rubber bodies its easiest to heat them up with a lighter first, but with cork you can just push them through!

    I love fishing poppers like this for big gills during the spawn (they all get returned). I haven't used tapered bodies like this but I think it'd solve some of my missed strike problems.

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