Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reconnecting with myself.

Sitting at the public library. Love it here. Books have always been an integral part of my life. For as long as I can remember, reading has been something I have greatly enjoyed.

From Louis L'Amour, Charles Dickens, Jack Higgins, Patrick F. McManus, and even Beverly Cleary and Dr.Suess; I do think that books become a part of you. Help define you and your character. They help you to discover and learn. They provide solitude and rest. Books are wonderful.

Books are also something that my children enjoy with enthusiasm.

Just the same as the outdoors did for me as reading; I spent countless hours and days in the woods behind the house. Building forts and hiking through trails. Not to mention spending time hunting and fishing with my father. I felt connected to the outdoors just as I found a connection with books.

During this time in my life, one that has been a bit challenging, I find myself reconnecting with those things that make me happy. Those things that bring me comfort.

Is it possible to commune with nature? I do think so. I spent most of my childhood looking for something there. And finding it. Solace and comfort. Comfort from nature and yes, even the Lord.

While on camping trips, I spent a lot of time hiking trails. It was like discovering something for the first time and really appreciating it. There was something awesome about the "newness" of thinking you were the first person to stand on that cliff.

I truly miss those hills and mountains. Those streams and rivers and yes, even an alpine meadow or two. But not those giant mosquitoes.

As things begin to settle a little bit more in my life and seem to slow down a bit, I take time to step away from the drama that is and was . . . trying to reconnect with myself. Truly missing my childhood, I crave for those things simple things that I once did not take for granted but forgot as I grew into and out of adolescence.

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