Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is it that I love the catch fish or wade streams? Can't figure out why I love walking streams. Catching fish is a challenge and does seem to validate my manhood. Sure, panfish are fun but landing bass is what counts, right?

My favorite time to wade streams is when they are warm. Walking in shorts and wading boots . . . man, it's great. Sometimes, I don't care about catching fish. Although, there are times I want to toss out my fishing gear and call it quits.

I have always enjoyed spending time outdoors. I used to hike a lot. Now, I enjoy wading creeks and rivers. It does calm me. It helps to take my mind of things. Sometimes, a few days later, I find myself thinking of the stream - trying to figure it out - want to locate fish.

I catch fish. Nothing huge. And sometimes - nothing. At times, I prefer going out for bluegills. Those really are my favorite. Abundant, great fighters too.

Wading creeks and fishing is great but I think just getting out is awesome. Does it matter how many fish I catch or how big?


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