Monday, March 1, 2010

Second Smallmouth Bass Outing of 2010

I'm not even going to talk about my first trip out the other day. Let's just say I was knocking the rust off. Today, well . . . . didn't go down to well either.

I want to say that using sinking line is very important when presenting a weighted streamer. I am waiting on loop connectors to arrive in the mail. I hate tying nail knots.

So, I used my 8 wgt. The Clouser was not presented in a way I wanted it to be. Even with a 9 foot leader, it still rises and falls or stays near the surface.

I love the way my sinking tip line keeps the fly near the bottom or at least away from the surface. I needed it today. Especially with the cold water temperature. I knew it was going to be a challenge - pulling bass off their homes.

Yet, I only landed a small fish. Not to mention a Stick Fish and Bush Fish. And the obligatory $2 cast.

I think sinking line is essential when fishing for smallmouth bass. Even when presenting a popping bug, sinking line can provide more of a downward motion chug.

The river changed. My favorite holes are filled with debris and are shallow. However, I did find a new location for bluegills. It's gonna be great. I can tell. It's a tight spot. A bit ugly. Will have to use spinning gear.

I usually have a nylon braided leader attached to my fly line with another leader looped in.
This usually helps me turn over a nice loop with weighted flies. But that nylon leader was lost last year.

Feeling like I need to trash all my fly gear today . . . good luck to me this year.

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