Monday, March 8, 2010

Area Lakes

Lake Elmdale, Lake Wedington, Lake Fayetteville, Lake Bella Vista, Lake Atalanta, Crystal Lake, Lake Siloam Springs, Lake Swepco, Lake Bob Kidd and maybe even Lake Wilson.

These are places on my list this year to fish in my kayak. Hoping to land a few bass. Last year, I fared well on my fly fishing gear. A year or so ago, I did better with my spinning gear.

I am tired of limiting myself to streams. That, and I sold my boat a few years ago. And a boat is a royal pain in the rump when you are by yourself. At least when you fish a lake, you don't have to worry about rain the night before affecting the stream you wanted to fish. Or water on a stream taking a week or so to lower back down to normal levels.

I just want to hit the water. Hoping to take a few photos of fish this year.

I landed a bunch of rock bass on Lake Elmdale on day with my father on popping bugs. Well, he was using bass bugs and those fish were taking them. I like to think myself the master of bream fishing with a fly rod. I am sure there are a lot more people better at it. However, I want to land more bass.

And I am hoping this kayak increases my chances by opening up more shoreline and places to fish besides streams.

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