Saturday, April 10, 2010

First White Bass Outing 2010

Not sure if I want to mention where I went today. I am sure a few locals could narrow it down to a couple of places. Lots of people out. Not bragging, but as usual, I was one of the few landing fish.

I thought the white bass run was on. That's what the paper said. Looked more like they were still staging. But as everyone knows, the Twin Bridges is where things truly begin.

I decided to take my 8 wgt. Just in case I landed a few smallies. Which is what I truly wanted to land. I tied on a Chartreuse Clouser. This is the most used pattern I've got in my boxes.

I actually had to pick my place to fish. Waded out a bit. After no success, I moved to another spot. Landed several, had a few short strikes and lost a couple. A fellow fly caster joined me. I then landed another white bass - Clouser and sinking line.

I think the white bass will really start to run in a week and it will last until mid-May. As has happened before.


  1. White bass is a blast on the fly. Just curious have you fished the clouser with a floating line? I am heading to our local lake on Tuesday and was wondering if the clouser would pick up some of the Kentucky Spots off the rock walls. I have read reports of the clouser being used to catch some large crappie.

  2. I like to present my flies without a jig like effect. Which is what I think can happen when using floating line. I have used Clousers to land crappie and larger Kentuckies.

  3. Hi Riverwalker
    Have you ever tried the Muddler Minnow? I started using it at dust/dark on Tuesday and two monster bream. It can be fish on top or under water.