Sunday, July 10, 2011

Clouser Fun

Fished 4 hours and landed 7 bass. Good day out. Better than yesterday. Gonna be 100 today. I already got a bit too much sun this morning. I did see a croc with a beer, lol. Hoping to land some largemouth on the ol' bass bug soon. Still searching for those big bass. This year hasn't been too bad for fishing. Gets better every year.


  1. River
    I did a post about concerning the right fly rod with a big popper, do have any suggestions on rod wt. for large poppers? Thanks Bill

  2. I always use an 8 wgt rod for bass flies, mainly poppers. I used to use a braided leader to help turn over heavy bass flies. I like to use an 8 wgt because I end up using weighted flies with sinking line.