Sunday, July 31, 2011

Smallmouth Flies - Bluegill Flies

This drought is killing all the streams - drying them up or choking them with algae blooms. Some of the local lakes and ponds are fishable but it's just too darn hot and fishing is too dang slow. A few weeks ago, I had to count until 10 or 15 just for a fish to hit my popping bug.

I decided to tie up some flies that I had some success with earlier this spring, Crazy Charlies. I like streamer patterns. I like Clousers but with a little more variation from time to time. Some of the streams I fish are small and I like to use patterns that both bass and panfish will take. Since I am a gear minimalist, I will take only floating line, therefore, I need some sinking flies.

Honestly, I was bored this morning. I wanted to hit the local pond but we had a big rain last night which stirred up the mud and debris. I always like to tie up patterns and try them out. It's neat finding out what may be successful.

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