Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Articulated flies . . . a teaser.

I'm sure you could Google how to tie up articulated flies.  There are many versions and variations of which can be thrown at many species of fish.  I'm gonna let this post marinate for a while because it's been a while since I've had quite a few visitors pass through my blog.  I will be posting instructions with pictures on how to make some of these meaty flies.

As some of you know, I've been tying up these articulated flies all winter in the anticipation of landing some smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.  However, I think my interest in panfish - mainly, Bluegills is increasing day by day.  I've spent the past several years chasing smallmouth bass.  I've had my share of spotted bass and largemouth bass too.  My first love is panfish on the fly.  Don't get me wrong, I do plan on hitting a few streams and lakes for bass.  I'm tying up some nymphs for smallmouth and panfish.

I even tied up a few Panfish Charlies and am currently looking to buy some blue chenille as to make some James Wood Bucktail streamers.  But . . . in the meantime, I will be loading up the fly boxes with various bass and panfish flies.

SO - STAY TUNED - I will be posting instructions for you guys - and these really aren't that complicated.  If I can do it, you can too, lol.  I am sure my visitors will increase soon because I will be posting photos of juicy slabs of panfish.  Of which, I just may fry a few up.

My son wants to learn how to tie flies and fly fish . . . the other son is a bit undecided but I'm sure he'll tag along.


  1. Those look like big bass are in your future. Nice ties.

    1. Thanks. May do some mini-me's for panfish, lol.

    2. Aaaah there we go. Looking forward to your future posts. Those articulated flies are sweet.

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  3. Josh
    Glad you got the comment link working-----Those big fat articulated flies should get some awesome hits with the bass. I know you are doing the bluegill quest with me this year, and I was wondering what weight/length fly rod are you going to use. I usually use two fly rods one for nymphs and the other for surface flies. I will start in about 3 weeks. That will put me on the water the week of the 11th. I have checked my past post as to when I started the quest and I always get under way the middle of March. The water on the small lake I begin with has water temps in the low 60’s which usually produce some monster size gills in deeper water off the banks. These are the ones that come to the banks early to spawn. I get them before they make the spawn using buggers and nymphs with a 5 wt/ 9 ft. -----I haven’t made the quest as of yet but have come ssoooooo close-------Fly Fishing and Tying Obsessed Blog has declared this year “The Year Of the Bluegill”

    1. I will make my response to you as a post. I have a lot to say. You've got me thinking.