Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Giveaway! Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass - Harry Murray

I'm giving away a copy of Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass by Harry Murry which I found at a used bookstore.  A few pages are crinkled and some will curl when opened but nothing torn, stained, etc.  It's in pretty good shape.  I am picking 3 winners who will "Share" or "Like" (new members) Panfish on the Fly @ Facebook.  While first place wins the book, those placing in second and third will receive some foam flies and balsa popper bodies.

If you haven't read this book by Harry Murray, it's pretty comprehensive . . . illustrations even provided by Dave Whitlock and jacket photograph is by Lefty Kreh.  So, you know Harry has clout in the fly fishing world.

You will find chapters on: Casting, Smallmouth Diet, Reading a river, tactics, streamers, nymphing, tying and more.  There are illustrations on how to rig your line and even constructing a mini-sinking head.  Among other helpful hints and tips, a chart is provided listing Smallmouth Bass Leaders, i.e, diameter, length, strenght, Leaders for Low, Normal, and Sinking lines.  Harry Murray has even provided information about smallmouth bass in lakes.

See ya'!

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