Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bass Bully - Fly Fishing for Bass- Warm water flyfishing. Smallmouth bass - Largemouth bass pattern

I am fired up about Wilson's Bass Bully (Terry and Roxanne Wilson of the famed bluegill book).  It excites me to share this fly pattern with the blogosphere.  I found this fly while looking for a video on tying instructions for the Double Deceiver.  I lost all my internet bookmarks - not even saved on my Google profile.  The Shucker is a pattern that I use consisently.  The Bass Bully is similar looking and I do think has the same presentation but with livelier colors.

A great small and largemouth bass fly from Terry Wilson. Reminiscent of the old bait casters “pig and jig”, hop this along the bottom by pointing the rod tip toward the fly with no slack, lift, remove slack and repeat. According to Terry, that's the best way to fish it. In rust, chartreuse, black. 
Sizes: 1, 4. - Orvis

Yup, this warm water fly pattern can be bought at Orvis.  I have heard of this pattern but haven't paid much attention to it.  You can find it on the ol' interweb fairly easily.

Hook  TMC 8089
Size     10 or 12
Thread 6/0 Uni-Thread or equlivent
Color to match the pattern
Tail     Zonker StipColor of your choice
Body  Ice Chenille or Estaz Color to match tail
Gills    Small or medium Chenille Red
Legs   Sili-legs Color to match tail
Eyes   Lead Barbell - Red extra small
Head  Sculpin wool Color to match tail

In this video of Terry tying the bass bully, he says that a 20+ inch smallmouth he caught on a black bass bully is on the cover of his and Roxanne's smallmouth book which is shown on the screen about 2:30.

I have not see nor heard of this title.  Well, perhaps at the local fly shop but passed the smallmouth titles up because I thought highly of myself, lol.  However, I will be keeping an eye out for it at the local bookshops.  I found some other cheap used fly fishing books that I will be posting about soon.

This pattern calls for sculpin wool and on the video, Terry used lamb's wool.  I couldn't find any at Hobby Lobby or Cabela's so I used egg yarn.  I made a long fiber dubbing which I wound around the eyes.  I then perked it up with my bodkin - no trimming.

I tied up 3 Bass Bullies this afternoon - chartreuse, black and olive.  I have a feeling these flies will be successful.  Next week, the forecast is for warmer weather and I may hit up a private pond - one that left me skunked twice this year . . . but has some fatties in it.


  1. Interesting pattern, Josh. Another one that I will add to my list of what I would like to tie for Bluegill and Bass. Good luck with the book hunt. I will keep my eyes open out this way.

    1. Thanks Mel. Stocking up the boxes. I just need to lean more towards panfish now.