Monday, January 27, 2014

Jungle Smallmouth Bass - Exotic location??

                                                                                                  Photo - Trout Unlimited HI

Only five natural lakes, all very small, occur in Hawai`i, but 266 freshwater reservoirs ranging up to 400 surface acres in size have been created through impoundment of stream waters. Native fishes are not adapted to these artificial habitats.
Various fish species from elsewhere in the world have been deliberately or accidentally introduced to Hawai`i. High-quality game fishes such as largemouth bass, tucunare and channel catfish are now widespread and well established in reservoir waters. Two game fishes, rainbow trout on Kaua`i and smallmouth bass on O`ahu and Kaua`i, may be found in both streams and reservoirs. Panfish such as bluegill and tilapia are generally abundant in reservoirs statewide, and several tilapia species also occupy stream habitats.

Who knew smallmouth bass could be found in the state of Hawaii?  The past few years, my wife has been pushing for a trip to Hawaii.  Fortunately, I won't have to sit on a plane foever.  We are going to FL for vacation.  However, I am not leaning a bit more towards Hawaii.  That's it I can find my way to this stream.  I did find some directions on how to get to the stream.  First, premission must be given and then it's a tough treck through the jungle.  I have access to some great smallmouth streams but it would be amazing just to land a few smalies and cast amongst the Eucalyptus trees.

It would seem that there are lot of "tubers" on Kaukanahua and access may be easier than the trek in.  I'll leave it up to you to dig up the information on stream access. From reading blogs and looking at videos, the stream seems pretty tough to find an actual public access.

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  1. Keep us updated for sure! My girl wants to honeymoon in Hawaii so it would be awesome to have a little background on the streams and other fishing spots. Thanks for the research.