Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Illinois River Watershed given some protection.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- After nearly six hours of debate, the Fayetteville City Council passed the stream side protection ordinance late Tuesday night.
The measure would create a 50 foot protection zone near streams, and property owners would have to keep things like feed lots, swimming pools and parking lots away from streams. City leaders have said the ordinance would prevent harmful runoff and erosion.
Many property owners said the law oversteps the city's bounds.
The ordinance passed with a vote of 7 to 1. Alderman Bobby Ferrell cast the only vote against the ordinance.


  1. Glad to hear something positive for the river is happening.
    Do you fish the Illinois River? It looks like it might hold a bass or two from that video.

  2. The Illinois River does hold bass. It's pretty dirty from silt and bank erosion in Arkansas. It flows into a lake and dam in Oklahoma. The best portion begins and into lake Ten Killer - flowing from below Lake Francis. It's designated a Scenic River in Oklahoma. I have caught a decent number of bass, bream and some crappie in Arkansas. I've never been on the OK side. It's pretty rough and tumble - floatable though. Lots of algae blooms in AR - pollution from run off, construction, etc. Lots of new concrete and pavement, littering, etc.

  3. About 6 of us landed 50 or so fish in 2 days of camping on the Illinois River. There are some large smallies in there.

  4. I've camped at Tenkiller back when I was in high school... before I was much of a fisherman. I remember it being a very pretty place. Maybe I need to make a return visit. Thanks for the info... I hope the powers that be in AR get their act together.

  5. Anything to protect our streams I am for.