Sunday, June 23, 2019

Hello again - Bonjour, mes amis.

Just returned from a week in Quebec. 'Bonjour, mes amis" in French and translated to English means "Hello, my friends". If you think a visit to Quebec means not having to use your high school French, you are wrong. We had a lot of fun visiting a part of Canada that I had never traveled. Before moving to Arkansas, I grew up in British Columbia and never visited the other provinces. I made plenty of trips south of the border though. No, I did not go fishing. BUT, I did climb a cliff face. I may not do it again. The boys loved it. So, there is a slight chance I would scare myself again.

It is so much easier to communicate and post photos on social media than blogging. For me, there is a lot more communication through Instagram than on the blog. Nevertheless, I'm trying my best to pound it out on the keyboard for my followers and those that stumble upon my blog. I was attempting to make posts about last Fall. The creek was very fun. Lots of good fishing and some pretty nice fish were caught. I spent quite a bit of time between Labor Day and about the middle of October on the stream. A number of rods have been built between now and last Fall. As a matter of fact, I am working on a 4 weight and putting together plans for a 5 weight build for which I already have the blanks. At this point, other than doing some upcoming gear reviews, I can't recall too much to draw from in last Fall's excursions. Some coffee and deep thinking will have to come into play.

All I can say right not for sure is that "glass is not dead". I used a number of glass rods last year. I even stripped one of them down and did a rebuild - the old mid 60's Berkley Talisman. I have to dig out the photo from that day but a nice one was landed and a quick and short video was taken of the smallmouth bass.  Hoping to post again very soon.

I did build a couple of Epics.

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