Monday, April 13, 2009

Largemouth Bass fly pattern - Foam Kidd

I made this fly from a 1/2 inch foam cylinder. Approximately 3/4 inch long. I used this fly to land largemouth bass on Lake Bob Kidd - WHEN I HAD A BOAT! The lake has a nasty end and an especially nasty corner. Hog wire, stubs, stumps, lily pads. I caught 3 bass in less than an hour. I had to leave because of all the crappie fisherman. I stood inthe back of my boat while I trolled - so I could see the stumps, wire and obstructions better. The water was almost lapping in. I have had this fly for about 6 years. It's getting a little worn. I have made a duplicate just in case.

I can only stand to fly fish and troll at the same time for only so long!!! When Beaver Lake flooded back in 2003 or 2004, I hit the lake and caught a few in some flooded timber on this fly.

It has a weed guard that does help ot slip over lily pads. But you still have to be cautious.

Body - White River Fly Shops cylinder foam (1/2 inch)

Eyes - Orvis stick on

Tail - rubber legs, green crystal flash, and red crystal flash

Hackle - olive green

Legs - pushed through with threader

Hook - long shank #2

Weed guard - 20 lbs. test monofilament

1) Tie on weed guard

2) Cut a slit to the middle of the foam longways. Place it over hook. The weed guard might enter the slit closer to the eye as mine did - no big deal.

3) Fill slit in foam with Zap-A-Gap

4)For legs, Poke hole or holes in foam body with bodkin and pull through with threader.

5) Tie on tail - splay feathers out - tie in flash or wahtever and tie in the feathers on the outside of either side.

6) Tie in hackle.

7) Place eyes on - whatever style you want - not necessary.

I'm not the best at giving tying instructions. Let me know if you have any questions.

Use a 5 wgt. line with this fly. Rip and pull. I usually catch them on the pause. Perfect enough for smaller bass and big enough for large ones.

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