Monday, April 27, 2009

Hell Cat - bass fly pattern

I tied this fly pattern a few years back and lost it somewhere. I tied a few bass flies up for tomorrow. I'm gonna head out to some local water and try a few flies and check out somethings or two - won't say what it is just yet.

Landed a few goggle eyes on wooly buggers and a bass on yellow rooster tail. Not as much action as I hoped for this evening. I found something that looks very promising but seems to be fished a lot.

The Hell Cat (as pictured above) is a pattern I took from Fly Tying for Bass and Panfish by Tom Nixon. His patterns have been successful for me - especially for panfish.

I want to try more of his patterns - I am looking forward to landing more bass this year. Secretly - (not anymore) - I love landing bluegills. Those are probably my favorite fish.

Tail - red hackle fibers

Body - Olive green ruff at the tail, small yellow chenille center with olive green ruff forward.

Wing - small bunch of natural brown bucktail topped with black bucktail.

Shoulder - Jungle cock (I didn't use any)

Throat - Just a dab of orange hackle fibers.

Hook - #2, #4, #6

I'm gonna use sinking tip line with this pattern. Tomorrow, I'm gonna piddle around and get my casting straightened out and land some bluegills. I need to practice some drifting techniques and stuff before I really go out for smallmouth.

Oh yeah, forgot about another spot but I need an out of state license!!!!!!!!! Oh well, it's at least been scouted out.

Forget the white bass and the crowds. I want new waters to fish.

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