Monday, April 27, 2009

Second white bass outing of the year. White bead head head wooly bugger

Won't say where I went. I had chores to run this morning. I fished about 30 minutes and landed 8 white bass. Tied on a white bead head wooly bugger - white crystal flash chenille. I'll post a pic later - camera is at home.

5 wgt. intermediate sinking tip line. Water got too crowded for me. Used to be not so crowded. I want smallmouth this year more than anything. I almost chose not to go out for white bass today. I wasn't feeling it. I want to land smallies!!!

Going out for smallmouth tomorrow. Going to fish unfamiliar waters too. I still have yet to land white bass with a crawdad pattern. Truck is covered in orange mud.

White bass will always be there and fairly easy to catch. Smallmouth bass are more difficult for me. I also want some large bluegills for the fryer. Yum - Uncle Buck's fish batter.

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