Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Third White Bass outing of the year - Clousers and rooster tails.

I started out this morning with my spinning gear. I landed a bunch of good deep fryer sized panfish and some small bass on a white rooster tail. Not too many people out. I won't say where just yet because things turned out awesome. IS THAT RUDE? After ripping them for about an hour, things stopped and everyone left.

I switched to my fly rod. I tied on a white woolie bugger but only landed 4 VERY small White Bass. Although, they were so small, they might have been yellow bass - I haven't seen yellow bass and these fish were shiny and white. I saw a bunch of suckers and decided to drift some nymphs - Jeremiah Nymph Two and Scud. I only landed small sunfish. Moving on, I tied on a white Zonker but still nothing.

I tied on a brown size 8 Pistol Pete and landed 2 bass and some bluegills. Then I tied on a fly that I bought on ebay. The Flea Fly - sparkly orange chenille with a large bead head. I drifted it but would only catch fish when I stripped it in slowly or jigged it.

I then tied on a Chartreuse and White Clouser with big red eyes. I didn't use my sinking line but my 4 wgt. line and 4wgt. rod. I landed 4 bass with it. I had to strip slowly and they usually hit it when the fly stopped for a bit and then started again.

I fished about 3 1/2 hours. I will post a pic of the Flea Fly later.

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