Monday, May 11, 2009

Too much rain - want to go fishing!

I do wish that I had kept my boat. That way, I could fish on a few lakes. Too much rain recently. One of the locations I wanted to fish averages about 4.5 feet and was recently at 14 feet just a few days ago.

Here is a link to pull up data on rivers and creeks - such as water flow, levels and some places show temperature. I'm tellin' ya' - the rain has thrown off the white bass run - water temps weren't stablized in March and have kind of been off an on. I do think there are some folks that have hit the white bass here and there.

I am still trying to learn more about smallmouth bass. This year, I want to land more smallmouth but my time is limited. I hope to make it out to a few spots this week but rain is forecasted for the next few days.

I have been reading "Fly fishing for smallmouth" by Bob Clouser and "Fly fishing for smallmouth" by Harry Murray. An interesting book is "Fly fishing warm water rivers" by Joe Cornwall with whom I have swapped flies with a few times.

Hoping for things to dry up soon. Will post a few more fly pics soon.

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