Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More crappie on the fly.

Today, I started out with a chartuese popping bug and landed a bunch of small sunfish and a few decent bluegills. I switched to a chartruese and white Clouser. I used floating line instead of the sinking line I always use with streamers.

I came out for crappie and bass. I hit that same hole that I caught several crappie on a popping bug the day before. I landed several small crappie. One of which I may have taken home if it was a bit longer. They were short striking me all morning. They provided soft strikes as usual and it's not jsut exhilirating but frustrating.

I moved to the far side of this pond. I waded in a little bit and landed several more crappie with the Chartruese and white Clouser off a fallen tree. After getting hung up and breaking my leader at the Surgeon's Knot, I switched to a Silver and Chartruese Bead Head Woolie Bugger.
I landed only one more crappie off that fallen tree and it was the biggest of the day. I almost brought him home for a meal.

I took my largest Ozark bass ever. They usually weigh 1/2 lbs. on average but I think this was pushing 1 lbs. Wonderful coloring. I landed it on a Yellow and Brown Clouser - the first time I used such colors.

I used to take the boat out to Lake Elmdale and land a bunch of Ozark bass (Rock bass) on popping bugs. They would take full size deer hair bugs!! I also used to drift Elk Hair Caddis for Ozark bass on the Middle Fork of the White River.

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