Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crappie on the Fly - Clouser fly pattern

This is the first time that I have used this Clouser - Pink and chartruese. I went out to Crystal Lake and landed a few crappie on this fly pattern. I haven't landed crappie on a fly in a few years. I walked out on the ledge of what I think is the concrete dam - NOT THE SPILLWAY further west with the gate. I waded along this wall that was about an inch longer than my shoe.
There was about a 5 ft. drop or so on one side and about 3 ft. on the other. I was casting along the wall of the deeper side and sometimes further into the lake. I used sinking tip line. Wading along the wall, I could get into deeper water - as it deepened further out from the dam wall.
I landed a few slabs of crappie - what a surprise. Figured I had a bass on too.

After fishing from the bank of the west side of the lake and landing nothing, I walked back towards the boat ramp and landed several large bluegills. Good fighters today. These were large and yummy, I didn't have my stringer, so I gave them to a bank fisherman. I was using the Jeremiah Two Nymph with sinking tip line - to get it closer to those bluegills on their beds. I would take a photo but I lost it in some underwater brush.

When I first arrived at the lake, I fished at the eastern end. There were small and large bass everywhere - everywhere!!!! I landed a few small bass and some panfish.

Here is a pic of the flies I was using for panfis and bass. They are still wet. The yellow fly pattern with bead chain eyes is a Crappie Killer. The other are custom.

Some of my smallmouth and panfish flies. I am hoping to make it out to a few more streams before the kids get out for summer - too much rain this spring!!!

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