Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smallmouth Outing - Illinois River - Clouser Fly

This Clouser Minnow has been a great bass fly pattern for me this year. I have caught about 20 - 25 bass this year and I do believe the chartreuse and white Clouser has been the most effective. This exact fly as shown in photo with large red stainless steel eyes.

I won't say where I went yesterday. Not exactly but I did land a few smallmouth on the Illinois River - maybe it was OK or AR . . . . hmmm. With all the rain lately, the river was moving very fast and was dirty. I tried wading around but it was just about too swift.

I found a wider portion with some slow water. I have a technique for stripping the fly in - 3 small strips, let the fly stop and sink - do it again. That has been most effective for me.

These bass weren't huge or anything but it made me feel good to land something after a rough morning of trying to find places to wade and fish in a river was moving so fast that if you did fall in, you would more than likely get swept away.

I used sinking tip line. 5 wgt. rod and 5 wgt. line.

Got sun burned too! Still need to patch leaky waders.

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