Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wading for smallmouth bass today.

Man, were the floaters out today.  One of today's highlights was running into a kayak angler who was fly fishing for the first time.  He had one it those rigid 6 wgt outfits from Walmart and a pretty good selection of streamers from Cabela's jammed into a small Solo container.  He asked for some tips and if he had a good selection of flies.  Up to that point, I had caught all 10 or so smallmouth on a chartreuse Lil' Debil.  It's a small panfish fly made from soft plastic.  So, I told him to try a chartreuse streamer.

I took out my new fiberglass Panfish on the Fly rod in the hopes of christening it with some fat panfish.  And of course, I started catching smallmouth bass.  The rod is 6'3" 3/4 wgt and provided an amazing experience fighting those smallmouth bass in the riffles.  This is the first glass fly rod that I have casted in ages.

Today was a beautiful day in which I not only spoke with floaters and fisherman but was delighted to smell hot dogs and burgers being cooked at a nearby camp.  


  1. Good looking Smallies, such a blast on the fly.

    1. Thanks, I do what I can wading. Been scouting new spots. Only had panfish flies.

  2. I can only imagine how great it felt to hook up with any size Smallmouth on that light weight glass rod. Dreams are made of stuff like that!